Proven Results in Criminal Courts around the State, through trial, litigation and favorable settlements:

Possession of Narcotics with Intent to Deliver

Client charged with possession of narcotics after police said they saw him drop drugs as they approached. Client indicated he was innocent, and another person had dropped the drugs and fled. Jury acquitted client of all charges.

Domestic Disorderly Conduct

Client charged with disorderly conduct after argument with his fiancée. Client entered and successfully completed deferred prosecution agreement, completing counseling and alcohol assessment. All criminal charges dropped.

First-degree Intentional Homicide, Attempted first-degree Intentional Homicide

Client charged with homicide and attempted homicide after two separate incidents. Thorough investigation and examination resulted in evidence that client suffered from previously-undiagnosed serious mental illness. Client found not guilty by reason of mental decease or defect, and successfully treated in a state hospital rather than being sent to prison.

Criminal Damage to Property

Client charged with breaking into cars and stealing stereos and other property. Client asserted his innocence and took case to jury trial.  The jury acquitted client of all charges.

Possession of Narcotics

Client charged with possession of cocaine. Motion filed challenging illegal search of client as he crossed parking lot on Milwaukee’s north side. Judge granted motion, resulting in dismissal of all charges.

Operating While Intoxicated

Client charged with OWI, but asserted that she had not operated vehicle in question. After thorough investigation and litigation of motion to suppress, favorable settlement reached with dismissal of OWI charge.

Endangering Safety By Use of Dangerous Weapon

Client accused of brandishing weapon during domestic dispute. Client denied charges, and jury acquitted.

Carrying Concealed Weapon

Client charged with carrying concealed firearm. Found not guilty at trial.

Possession of Cocaine

Client charged with possession of drugs found in car he was driving. Client asserted that drugs did not belong to him, but were left in car by previous occupant. Jury acquitted client.

Armed Robbery

Intensive investigation and pretrial negotiations resulted in armed robbery charge being dropped and case amended to misdemeanor obstructing. Client facing up to 40 years in prison was cleared of all felony charges. Client pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for initially lying to police during investigation.

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